Our Services That We Offer!


We pride ourselves on our hygienically clean storage system that is regularly inspected by several government bodies. Our Products are always fresh


We do fruit and vegetable processing at our facility.


We do van sales to retail shops. We are able to deliver any quantity of high-quality fruits and vegetables to you outlets anywhere.

Core Supply

We supply fresh, processed and frozen vegetables, fresh salads poultry, red meat, and various fish both fresh and frozen

More About us


In order to achieve our mission and vision our company has four man objectives which are:

  • To be professional at all times dealing with current and potential clients
  • To always be honest and ethical in all our business transactions
  • To remain an independent company giving 100% service to our clients
  • To always meet the expectation of our clients

We offer a range of technologies to assist with controlled atmospheric storage and modified atmospheric packaging to maintain a freshly packaged appearance. For further processing we have chilling freezing and coating technologies to ensure a high quality value added product. Our storage facility includes a cold room and our delivery trucks are all fitted with cold storage by ISO Bodies.

Our Product Range


We offer a wide gamut of fresh vegetables which include Tomatoes, Lettuces, Beans, Pumpkin, Chili Peppers, Lemons, Cauliflower, Spinach, Carrot and many more.

We are engaged in supplying a wide quality of vegetables are highly appreciated by diet conscious people because of low calorie fiber content.

Stringent quality tests are conducted to ensure the freshness and quality of our vegetables These products are available at market related prices

We are also able to supply any or all of these vegetables frozen.


We offer a fresh and nutritious range of fruits. Our range includes Watermelons, Plumbs, Bananas, Sweet Melons, Peaches, Apples and Grapes which are available in all sizes cut to order. Our fresh fruits are available at market-related prices for a wide range of customers and delivered to outlets in various provinces. Fruit and vegetable seasonality requires us to handle a variety of products whose characteristics, quality and yield are dependent upon timely harvesting.